Photographed by Mike Skigen



Natalia grew up in Detroit, Michigan, where she spent most of her time competitively figure skating, creating art and beating up the boys.

She had an unusual education that shaped her from the beginning. As a Waldorf child throughout elementary and middle school, she learned how to act, sing, watercolor, speak German and French. She graduated High School with an International Baccalaureate Degree and was accepted to Washington University in St. Louis with a four-year, full-tuition, John B. Ervin Scholarship for her academic excellent, leadership and community service.

She studied architecture and anthropology, graduating with departmental honors for excellence and contributions to Anthropology through her scientific illustrations. She also began dancing in college, quickly getting scouted for the in-house professional dance company, Slaughter Project. During her 3 years in the company she danced her way from apprentice to soloist.

After graduating Natalia decided to move to NYC to pursue her dance studies, completing the Peridance 2-year certificate program in Ballet and Contemporary Dance in 2015. Since then Natalia has worked as an independent dancer and choreographer. She has performed with the Caterina Rago Dance Company, Minute Zero, the Night Circus, worked with Deva Curl, Makeup Forever and created dance work for various venues and festivals across the country.

She also pursued an interest in movement through fitness, working as a lead trainer with ((305)) Fitness for 5 years. She earned her NASM Certified Personal Training Certification in 2017 and became the Head Trainer at F45 Training Park Slope in 2018.

Her interest in photography and videography first emerged as a way to explore movement and capture choreography. Natalia quickly became fascinated with the intimacy and story-telling capabilities of the lens, began working and learning from choreographers such as Mary John Frank and choreographing for video. In 2018 she was chosen as a Cucalorus Dance and Video Artist Resident and created her first dance film “Nuremberg”. Late in 2018 Natalia began assisting dance photographer Rachel Neville and working as an independent photographer with a focus on the play between natural light and movement.